Movie Fandom

Movies or Tv Shows i liked? (Or Watched) 

I personally likes The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, but i dont have tmz books.. Then i’m quite a disney girl, i followed fast and furious one until now (eight), i’m quite a marvel and Dc fan (not that kind of fan) so.. A lot of movies.. And i’m not a big horror fan. 

Dc Legends of tomorrow? Check. 

Dc flash? Check

Dc supergirl? Check

Dc arrow? Check 

Dc gotham? Check (still on season one)

Dc constantine? Check

Greys Anatomy? Sometimes..

Csi shows? Yass, my fave is Cyber.

Hawaii five-o ? Yass

Bones? Yass (sometimes)

Empire? Yasss (season 2)

Castle? Yass (sometimes)

Nickelodeon Victorious? YASS IM CRYING

nick B.T.R? Yess!

Sam&Cat? YES OMG.

haunted hathaways? Yas

The thundermans? Yes

And tbh, theres still many others Nick tv shows that i used to love (and their gone now) i’m really sad that Nick’s good tv show are all gone, and i’m not really sure of the new shows. (Not watching.)

So i’m basically into action movies where they do the fighting, and investigating, thats makes me feel smart because i feel so stupid (XD) 

So movies…

Guardian of the galaxy? Check 

Batman? Some

Superman? Some

Flash? Exiced bout it! (From the rumors) 

Spiderman? Some

Ironman? Check

Capt america? Check 

Hulk? Haven’t watch it yet

Thor? Check

Excited bout wonder woman, black widow (rumors talkin), hawkeye (rumors), black panther (rumors), 

Pitch perfect!!!!

And then what else? Idk, theres to many, and my brain semmed to not working really well (obviously, always)

So thanks for reading! 



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