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I read YA, fiction, and romance. Keep following me, who knows i’ll upload some review. 

But For real, i really likes Rq series, even tho some said that the first is better than the others, and the book is really disappointing. 

I also read the hunger games series, and tbh, i’m dissapointed because the ending is really far from my expectation. Katniss is back to dist 12, we got nothing bout the capitol, nothing bout her family and gale, nothing bout the other survivor, just a blink story bout her and peeta, and there it goes. She saw him, playing with their kids. K. I’m sorry, but for me, thats a bad ending. It just.. Like that, i think its too easy? But if i’m the one who writes it, idk if i could come up with a better ending so, nice job suzzane! 

Thats all for now, thank you for reading!



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