I personally followed all 8 movies, and  i dont have favourites because all was badass!

Things is kinda unclear, too much jumps, not detailed like the 7 movies, which is pretty bothering me because i have billion of questions running inside my head about ‘how dis’ ‘how dat’ ‘how…’ and whatever stuffs i wont mention,but dont get me wrong. This Movie was BOMB! very cool!

Some things are missing because theres no Brian, Mia, and their kids, but theres no other changes. I was hoping for Mia and Brian to be on the next movie (if theres FF9 Which i were looking forward to watch) but i understand the circumstances that Paul (R.I.P) isn’t able to play Brian anymore, so they’re probably have to find a new actor for the role, and WOULDNT change his face to Paul’s because Editing is really hard! (For me…) 

I dont wanna say too much because if theres still anyone who haven’t watch the movie, i’ll probably spoil too much.

Sorry if this post contains a little spoiler, but don’t let my thought changes yours. I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE BADLY.
and sorry for my bad english, not really used to talking with english, XD 


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