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MAY 2017

HEYAAA, Happy May Guys. Well, its may 2nd but, it’s cool i guess? Anyway, for my First bookish post i have this Hardcover of Jojo Moyes’s baby, 

The Girl You Left Behind with my hand made Bookmark thats actually sucks but, i dont care, i liked it. Lol. I’ve already sold the book so.. No review. I’m out. 😆


Poorly Broke.

So must of you probably knows Big Bad Wolfs books. Yep! Thats the biggest, and baddest book bazzar ever!

On my country (Indonesia), theres this event now, and this place is badass!! 

I went there twice, and happily bought 8 books. Why only 8? since of my minim weekly pocket money, i cant affoid to bought more. 

I also purchased 4 other books, 3 of em are preloved books, and 1 from bbw, (day care service or whatever you called it?)

The total is 12 books, and right now i’m positively Bankrupt. Yes. I just just said it. I’m bankrupt. 

I dont know where y’all Live, but even tho you only count the book prices, i’m still bankrupt not to include this and that fees. (Shipping, service fee, food, transportation). And not to mention 2 preloved indonesian books i’m bout to buy (if i’m not to late). 

Yeah, i know. Why did i bought so many books? Its not like i’m bout to read em all, i probably just going to stack em up somewhere in my room. 

Heres the thing. If you’re a bookworm, or a book lovers, you’ll understand. (Especially if we lives in the same country) i basically never have a english book (imported) and thats because i cant affoid to buy one. So when i can bought em’ at low prices, why not? I can finally have an imported book instead of its translated version and it makes me really happy. 

But it makes me poor. (STILL!)

i personally wasted around IDR 600K+ or it worth as US$50+ (Probably not much for you, but it is for me) 

And the total i waste (mom, grandma, dad, its a complicated story) is around IDR 1.350K+ or worth US$100+ 

And thats my story how i got bankrupt and where all my savings go, if you have a likely story, please, share it to me. I’d love to hear out from you. 

You can reach me out by email; 

Thanks for reading!^^

– C-


I personally followed all 8 movies, and  i dont have favourites because all was badass!

Things is kinda unclear, too much jumps, not detailed like the 7 movies, which is pretty bothering me because i have billion of questions running inside my head about ‘how dis’ ‘how dat’ ‘how…’ and whatever stuffs i wont mention,but dont get me wrong. This Movie was BOMB! very cool!

Some things are missing because theres no Brian, Mia, and their kids, but theres no other changes. I was hoping for Mia and Brian to be on the next movie (if theres FF9 Which i were looking forward to watch) but i understand the circumstances that Paul (R.I.P) isn’t able to play Brian anymore, so they’re probably have to find a new actor for the role, and WOULDNT change his face to Paul’s because Editing is really hard! (For me…) 

I dont wanna say too much because if theres still anyone who haven’t watch the movie, i’ll probably spoil too much.

Sorry if this post contains a little spoiler, but don’t let my thought changes yours. I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE BADLY.
and sorry for my bad english, not really used to talking with english, XD 

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